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los 8 mejores hoteles para familias de españa 2019After driving around the Pyrenees Mountains for a week I’ve changed scenery and have visited the Canary Islands. I’ve been regarding the island of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Graciosa and Tenerife and you will be on Los Angeles Gomera and La Palma week that is next. Up to now it has been great with amazing climate.

I recognize that lots of people have no clue where they Canary Islands are or much about them, so I figured it was time for the next installment of "8 Facts you may Not Have Known…"
1) these were perhaps not called after canary wild birds.

Despite the title, the islands are not named after canaries, the pretty, chirping wild birds. It comes from the Latin term for dog, "canaria". One tale is that whenever a few of the first Europeans arrived, they discovered dogs that are large the island of Grand Canary. In reality, they may not be named after dogs at all, but instead after seals that used to inhabit the area, that the Romans called "sea dogs".
2) It's the point that is highest in Spain.

Despite getting the Pyrenees mountains in its nation, the point that is highest in Spain is obviously regarding the area of Tenerife. El Teide is 3,718m (12,198ft) high. There are various other tall peaks into the Canaries also Roque that is including de Muchachos in the island of La Palma 2,400 m (7,874 ft). This mountain is of note because it is home to 1 associated with collection that is largest of astronomical telescopes on the planet, such as the world’s biggest telescope, the 10.4m Gran Telescopio Canarias. Its high mountains that are volcanic sit above the clouds makes it similar to the observing conditions you will find in Mona Kea in Hawaii.
3) the Civil that is spanish War here.

During the outbreak for the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Francisco Franco ended up being the General Commandant associated with Canaries, headquartered in Las Palmas, on Grand Canary island. He and their minions plotted their strategy here in the Canaries, out of sight and head associated with sleep of Spain, before going towards the continent.
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Because the nagging problem of child poverty continues to grow, the islands’ regional federal government has established intends to expand the funding of public college dinners in an attempt to bring back a few of the kiddies. Certainly, at some college districts, the jobless rate is really as high as 70 percent, and so the need certainly to widen usage of general public school dinners is really a emergency that is social.

In addition, the government states it really is working on a "plan against poverty," which is to include the opening of 182 public schools come july 1st to keep the supper services going therefore the young ones fed.

Just what will Carolina, Francisco and María do if their situation continues to deteriorate? Carolina will not wait to answer: "we´ll just have to visit Cáritas for assistance."
Charities take control social services

Cáritas Diocesana is a Catholic relief charity that helps the indegent. Its chapter in the Canary Islands, consisting of 1,205 volunteers, sticks out as you of the very most recognizable local non-government organizations, that are filling the welfare void left out by an overwhelmed system of public social solutions. In 2012, Cáritas assisted over 46,000 individuals into the Canaries in providing these with shelter, meals and medicines, among other provisions.

"The cases of ‘new poor’ families just like the one you mention are certainly becoming very common," says Cáritas’ Institutional Development Coordinator for the province of Las Palmas, Elena Henríquez.
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