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Antonio is passionate about taking personal interest in people and their development. He is a people person! He was born in Victoria, Australia and has an Italian background and considers himself an expert in personal development. Antonio pursued higher education and studied computer technology for 4 years at Victoria University and has generally worked as a solution architect for the web, and helped many businesses with strategic IT decisions and adopt positive changes like using Cloud Computing.

Tony has travelled over 21 countries and has experienced many cultures both rich and poor. Four years ago he started learning Spanish to facilitate communication with the locals in South America, and later started teaching the locals in personal development. He understands what it takes to learn a new language and become fluent! He also speaks Italian of course!!

Tony has spent years in educating himself with using powerful tools that truly help people make positive changes. As a Life Coach, he has received 1000's of hours coaching with experts in various areas which has given him the edge in coaching. He has learnt directly from the masters in this area like Mark Peysha, Anthony Robbins, Cloe Maddanes, Maurice Leon and studied at the Strategic Intervention Institute. He is also passionate about health and energy as his friends and family will tell you. Over the last 5 years he has accumulated knowledge from various naturopaths, homeopaths, and now for the last two years has mastered the science of Alkalinity and its importance in the human body.

“I really enjoy helping people reach their hidden potential and sharing my passions as I'm certain it will make a difference!"

– Antonio C.

The Creator of Change Swan

Have you heard of the transformation of the Ugly Duckling? Mislabelled from birth, the little duckling lives his life with the heroic heart of a swan. Indeed, after growing strong under the nurturing of kind humans, the duckling is set free, and sees its image for the first time in a reflective pool of water to discover he had “transformed” into a lovely swan.

Who doesn’t love this little fairy tale? It reminds us of our inherent glory, power and beauty (as the duckling was always a graceful swan). At the same time, the tale encourages us to have faith and have a persistent heart while pursuing the gifts that are our birthright.

With Strategic Intervention Coaching, our outcome is to realign you to your true identity! We look forward to talking to you during our free session! "You are truly... a Beautiful Swan".

So get in touch with us if your feeling unhappy at the choices that are being presented to you, uncomfortable at making certain types of life changing decisions, feeling unsatisfied of not unleashing your true potential, or just confused at knowing how to resolve your issues and unaccomplished since you have everything but something just doesn't feel quite right. We can help you grow and get past these barriers!

“Axel is very considerate and patient, I feel very fortunate to be able to learn so much from him. If you want to see a complete change in your life, Axel is a truly experienced professional life coach. Just do it!” - Nelson, China

"Through Time Management Coaching Axel helped me to clearly distinguish the priorities from trivialities and to cope with all things. Axel is a model of learning by his own example. He has experience in what he teaches and I have benefited by reaching my outcome. Axel is definitely a coach worth choosing. ” - Rex L.

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