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How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 4

If you want more time in your life RIGHT NOW you may want to read Parts 1 -3 of this blog and learn why Quadrant II is for you a burning issue.

Don't Set Goals for this year - please!

Yes don't set goals for this year! I guarantee that you will join the millions of other people and be disappointed for not being about to maintain some new years resolution.  Read on and I will save you months of frustration.

The Power of Vulnerability - Part 2

 We cannot selectively numb an emotion like vulnerability. For example, if we numb fear, we also numb happiness.

The Power of Vulnerability - Part 1

Power of vulnerability
It’s amazing how often we feel vulnerable during the day! Many view this a weakness and something that needs to be crushed with whatever means. However, should this useful feeling be crushed? Decades of physiological research is showing one of our prominent needs is to experience connection with others.

Biggest Health Challenge is Courage. Build it – Part 1

  I remember the first time I walked into a gym. I had read hundreds of pages of information on gyms before even bothering to find out a gym membership price. Being certainty-driven to a great extent, I wanted to have all of the information about working out, before working out.

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