Biggest Health Challenge is Courage. Build it – Part 1

  I remember the first time I walked into a gym. I had read hundreds of pages of information on gyms before even bothering to find out a gym membership price. Being certainty-driven to a great extent, I wanted to have all of the information about working out, before working out.
The benefits, potential risk and damages, types of programs, weights, supplements... Wow! The way my reading list went you’d think I’d be the next Mr. Olympia.

It was kind of freaky for some of the regular guys to watch this short, puny guy walk in who struggled to lift his sweater quote the pros and cons of hyper-extension in pyramid reps, what really stimulates anabolic growth and why a check on your heartbeat is not a bad idea if you’re strong on the creatine.

Yet I didn’t even know what a real gym looked like. Being a teen that had just moved 900kms away from home I was afraid of change and I needed courage to make the move.  I propose that even if my example is extreme (almost a year of research before stepping into a gym) it points out to what is not so uncommon in dealing with any health challenge. I lacked the courage to make a change.

What is your biggest health challenge? The answers are of course as varied as Katy Perry’s hair styles: “I want to lose weight”, “I want to get off the junk food”, “I wish I had more energy”, “I want to build my lats/pecs/triceps/rhomboids?” ,”I want to increase my fitness” , “I want to see my toes (without help from a mirror)” and the list goes on.

Regardless of goal, when you start down the path of regular exercise and are met by even a small failing, often, something usually gives. What can really weaken your resolution to stick to a healthy lifestyles other than the temptation of churros con chocolate?

Often it is the fear of failing on the big scale. Fear of not having what it takes. Fear of not being good enough to stick to the schedule, the hard workouts, the early mornings, saying ‘no’ to thick-and-soft crusted pizza base with two layers of true melted mozzarella. Fear of eternal change.

So please take some real time to really think about that one.  Digest it. When it comes to exercise what is my biggest fear? Or my biggest lack of courage? And I’ll give you just one little tool today. ‘Coz it’s heavy enough (no pun intended)  

You can break fear of failure with the fear of NOT getting the outcomes exercise will give you. But that kind of reasoning doesn’t really hold for long!

So here’s the tool. To quote Stephen Covey:

"'You can usually have the strength to say 'No' to something, when you have a bigger 'Yes' burning inside".

Get it? If not, go get your bigger yes!! And go get it now!

Next month let’s talk about mountains. And courage.

Happy Yes-ing

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