Don't Set Goals for this year - please!

Yes don't set goals for this year! I guarantee that you will join the millions of other people and be disappointed for not being about to maintain some new years resolution.  Read on and I will save you months of frustration.
Have you started writing down your "goals" for this year? Do you have them in your head?
The following 3 steps are designed to make you follow through on any goals you set yourself:

Write down 10 qualities which are most important to you.

Write down 5 qualities of someone that you respect and admire.

Pick the TOP 5 qualities that really inspire you.

Now your ready for a goal setting workshop!

Let's say your top 5 qualities are: courage, love, creative, intelligence, spirituality.

Think of these top 5 qualities as your fuel to achieve your goals and the way you want to live your life this year. Let's pick quality of "intelligence". What 3 goals can you set today to achieve this quality?

For example:
Goal 1: Read 1 book a month on personal development.
Goal 2: Read the The Age newspaper every day.
Goal 3: Make 2 new friends with people you consider intelligent.

Setting goals around your top 5 qualities is a sure fire way of getting them accomplished!

You can spend hours or days writing down your goals and the step by step action plan, editing and reading them over and over again. However, until you can find ways to take consistent daily steps toward your goals, nothing will happen for you. So whatever the steps you have come up with, schedule them in your calender now for this week or month! Personally, I add an alarm alert to my iPhone to remind me daily so it keeps me on track.

Happy goal setting!!

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