How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 4

If you want more time in your life RIGHT NOW you may want to read Parts 1 -3 of this blog and learn why Quadrant II is for you a burning issue.

Years ago I worked in a bank and remember a frustrated customer who complained about the long queues to do a simple transfer transaction. At the time we were pushing to get people in-the-know with internet banking and I offered to train this gentleman so he could do what he required from the comfort of his home. I would repeatedly meet with resistance as he called out from the queue: “Don’t tell me to do it on the internet… I’m a people-person; I like to interact with people!” It occurred to me that if that was really his desired outcome he would not have been frustrated by the wait.

So I approached him and asked him how long did the whole process of driving to the bank and waiting in queue and returning home took him. He replied that it was at least one hour. So I asked him: “What are you doing chatting to me, a stranger, for all this time? If you’re a people person wouldn’t you want to spend an extra hour having coffee with your friends?” That new clarity did it for him. We took an hour to train him and he earned at least two hours of extra coffee-time a month. His desired outcome was not just “being more with people” (especially not a Banking Customer Service Rep) his desired outcome was being more with his friends.

And speaking of banking one big bank in the ‘80’s decided to do a “one stop shop” having every teller take care of ALL of the customer’s needs. The desired outcome? “Save our customers more time by having them not deal with a variety of staff”. Wonderful concept until four years later (and thousands of disgruntled customers later) management realized that we could actually save customers more time by actually having them deal with a variety of staff. And we could save our staff time.

In conclusion: Decide on your desired outcome. And plan and word it accordingly. Ensure it defines your inner-core wishes in a truly accurate Accurate manner. Then, and only then, slot your activities into their corresponding quadrant.

Are they aligned with your ultimate outcome and is your outcome aligned with your ultimate goal or mission? If so confidently slot that activity into the one Quadrant that can buy you more time. More time in less time.

Happy Quadrant2ing!

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