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The Power of Vulnerability - Part 2

 We cannot selectively numb an emotion like vulnerability. For example, if we numb fear, we also numb happiness.

The Power of Vulnerability - Part 1

Power of vulnerability
It’s amazing how often we feel vulnerable during the day! Many view this a weakness and something that needs to be crushed with whatever means. However, should this useful feeling be crushed? Decades of physiological research is showing one of our prominent needs is to experience connection with others.

Take Your Pick: Peace or Validation? – Part 3

Last month you were left with that knot in your throat of “OK. So I have to apologize first even though it was his/her fault but… when do I get to tell him/her how annoyed I AM about what he/she did?”

Take Your Pick -- Peace or Validation? Part 2

  We’ve all been there. Father, mother, sister, brother or best friend acts in a way which hurts us. They betray our trust. They fail to acknowledge us. They fail to be there for us when it was important to feel their support. Or they just forget to take the garbage out when it was definitely their turn.

Take Your Pick: Peace or Validation? – Part 1

   Often people approach me wanting resolution of conflict. A phrase that often rings is: “You know, all I want… is some peace here.” However it’s interesting just how often our ego gets in the way of true peace. You’ve had a major argument with your loved one and the ego just needs an acknowledgment of wrong and thus validation.

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