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How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 4

If you want more time in your life RIGHT NOW you may want to read Parts 1 -3 of this blog and learn why Quadrant II is for you a burning issue.

Don't Set Goals for this year - please!

Yes don't set goals for this year! I guarantee that you will join the millions of other people and be disappointed for not being about to maintain some new years resolution.  Read on and I will save you months of frustration.

How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 3

In June I spoke about defining your desired outcome so as to accurately describe an activity as either Quadrant II or … perhaps even Quadrant IV. Chen and Lydia make a good illustrative example. 

How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 2

Some people repeatedly bring up what must be acknowledged as a true challenge of time management. If you’ve ever felt the following you can relate:
"How can I increase my Quadrant II activities when I am struggling to complete all of the emergencies that continue to arise in Quadrant I?"

How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 1

Despite repeated accusations let’s get the record clear once and for all. I have no company shares in any of Stephen Covey’s business enterprises or the FranklinCovey Leadership institutions. But I do encourage you to examine their stuff.

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