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Performance Driving and How to Avoid Driving People Crazy – Part 3

  So you’ve done well last month! Congratulations to all those who practiced the art of Emotional Mastery in the area of G.A.G (Read Part 2). A bit of a challenge wasn’t it?

Take Your Pick: Peace or Validation? – Part 3

Last month you were left with that knot in your throat of “OK. So I have to apologize first even though it was his/her fault but… when do I get to tell him/her how annoyed I AM about what he/she did?”

How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 3

In June I spoke about defining your desired outcome so as to accurately describe an activity as either Quadrant II or … perhaps even Quadrant IV. Chen and Lydia make a good illustrative example. 

How to Avoid Driving People Crazy – Part 2

Last May I spoke about three skills to avoid driving people crazy. Please read Part 1 entitled "Performance Driving and How to Avoid Driving People Crazy". Today I'll embark on the first skill: learning when to shut up.

Take Your Pick -- Peace or Validation? Part 2

  We’ve all been there. Father, mother, sister, brother or best friend acts in a way which hurts us. They betray our trust. They fail to acknowledge us. They fail to be there for us when it was important to feel their support. Or they just forget to take the garbage out when it was definitely their turn.

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