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How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 2

Some people repeatedly bring up what must be acknowledged as a true challenge of time management. If you’ve ever felt the following you can relate:
"How can I increase my Quadrant II activities when I am struggling to complete all of the emergencies that continue to arise in Quadrant I?"

Performance Driving and How to Avoid Driving People Crazy - Part 1

We had departed Johannesburg on the way to Mozambique. Not sure I remember any major challenges going through the province of Mpumalanga. Swaziland didn’t really test our driver’s patience either. But leaving Swazi behind we encountered a difficult stretch on the way to Maputo.  

3 ways to change your habits

  We always tend to complain about our habits especially if they break us down. Wouldn’t it be great to create consistent and predictable behaviour that empowers us?  Well, it turns out that you can, once you know your triggers! We become very happy once we align ourselves to our true nature. 

Take Your Pick: Peace or Validation? – Part 1

   Often people approach me wanting resolution of conflict. A phrase that often rings is: “You know, all I want… is some peace here.” However it’s interesting just how often our ego gets in the way of true peace. You’ve had a major argument with your loved one and the ego just needs an acknowledgment of wrong and thus validation.

How to Have More Time in Less Time – Part 1

Despite repeated accusations let’s get the record clear once and for all. I have no company shares in any of Stephen Covey’s business enterprises or the FranklinCovey Leadership institutions. But I do encourage you to examine their stuff.

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