The Power of Vulnerability - Part 2

 We cannot selectively numb an emotion like vulnerability. For example, if we numb fear, we also numb happiness.
This is when you are no longer yourself and pretending to be fine. 

Emotional numbing is an understandable strategy when faced with an overwhelming world with competing priorities. But when numbness goes beyond being a temporary coping mechanism and becomes your default state, something needs to be done. You need to bring yourself back to reality quickly! How did you get this way? I recommend reviewing Figure 1 in my previous article – The Power Of Vulnerability – Part 1.

Power of Vulnerability

WARNING: People who don’t have the courage to speak up when feeling vulnerable will kill off any positive emotions or energy they may have.

My intention with this article is just to make you aware of your pattern of numbing. Have you seen people numb? How did it affect them?  Please share your comments below.

In my next article, I will discuss resolving your challenges with vulnerability. You will discover that instead of being your weakness, it will quickly become your strength!

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