Conflict Resolution

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. — Nelson Mandela

Where are you at now with the most important people in your life? Do unresolved relationship conflicts drain you of energy you wish you could channel into more productive endeavours?

Do the words: “Fix it with your father” or “Fix it with your mother” get your blood boiling? Do you find it difficult to hold a civil conversation with your parents, even less an emotionally satisfying one? Do you look at your elderly parents and wish things would have gone way differently?

What about those under you roof? Are you just living in the same house with your life partner or are you living together? Are you truly sharing a life together? Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder “Where on earth did I put my real life?”

What do your children really think about you? Do you ever dream what it would be like to truly connect with your teenagers and wish they would see you as the role-model you truly want to be? Is your relationship with your loved ones somewhat different from what you dreamt it would be years ago?

At Creator of Change we can give you the tools you need to resolve conflict between you and your loved ones right now—regardless of what’s happened in your family! So start creating change now.

We’ll help you

  • Be the husband/wife/father/mother/son you want to be

  • Have a healthy relationship with your loved ones and deal with the past once for all in a way that offers you true closure.

  • Communicate openly and frankly without fear of judgment and without hurting the ones you love.

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