Emotional Mastery

Are you a human "being" or a human "doing"?

What is the one negative emotion you wish you could get rid of right now? Are you holding on to anger, resentment, envy? Are you struggling to forgive, let go, move on?

Do you feel depression has an exclusive hold on you and just won’t let you go? Are you constantly riding a rollercoaster of emotions where the peaks are but mere reminders of what life could be like in between being down in the dumps? Or is your pattern of negativity even more deeply set? Do you feel a numb indifference to life and just occasionally faintly remember what the spark of life was all about?

Do you ever feel that even in the company of friends you fail to make a true emotional connection? Do you feel that you are constantly giving to your friends but fail to get a genuine return on that investment?

Do you ever label yourself a control freak or perfectionist? Do you wish you could better understand what people really think and feel? And if you do, do you ever wish you could have a greater gamma of productive reactions to their behaviour? Do you crave the serenity that comes from truly being in control?

At Creator of Change we can give you the tools you need to bring balance into your life, right now—regardless of your past! So start creating change now. Start creating your very own unique you, the very best you… you can be!

We’ll help you

  • Be your true you
  • Get rid of negative emotions and develop the tools to change them around if they should ever come back
  • Achieve peace and serenity within the realms of your very own joyful life

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