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Energy is a choice and not based on genetics! Choose education not medication.

Have you started an exercise program more times that you can remember… but fail to remember actually sticking to one? Or do you recall the zest of hitting the gym with a passion… but realize that that was way, way, back then?

Do you set yourself goals only to berate yourself for failing to achieve them? Do you struggle to remember what it was like feeling at your peak performance? Does the thought of playing sports with friends arouse a feeling of elite anticipation or... is it more like nauseous fear?

Do you crave getting into shape only half as much as you crave your next junk-food fix? Do you look at people who are in shape and radiate greater health and think they were given a better set of genes?

And if advancing years have meant for you only frustrating limitations that you resent, do you ever wish you could do more? Do you wish you could still dance the night away and then climb and reach for the stars?

Do you wish you could see your knees without the help of a mirror? Are the words “high energy” an alien concept to you? Do you ever look at people who can run, workout, go camping and enjoy the outdoors with a suspicious feeling of resentment?

At Creator of Change we can give you the tools you need to enjoy the best health that your current circumstances allow, right now. And that’s very likely way beyond what you dream you can have right now!

That means that if you’re living with a debilitating illness we can give you the tools to ensure you minimize the impact of such an illness in your life. So start creating change now.

We’ll help you

  • Get rid of diet fads and start a life-changing, satisfying, eating regime. For life!
  • Re-start your neglegted exercise program and ensure you enjoy it. For life!!
  • Enjoy a renewed sense of physical well-being with the conviction you can sustain it. For life!!

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“I took on the challenge of going on this journey for three reasons: to have increased energy, to diminish aches and pains and to lower stress levels. Thanks to the on-going assistance and support received from Tony, all my expectations were realized. His knowledge, professionalism and continued commitment to get results, got me through!” - Ms Alex H. (Director: Damaru Cleaning)

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