Time Management

A life worth living is a life worth recording!

Where is all of your time going? And if you know… do you feel you can do very little to change it? Do you ever get the feeling that life is slipping through your hands and that you will not get a chance to achieve all the things you set out to on your beautiful journey of life?

Are you stuck in a rut working long hours to make ends meet only to arrive home too drained and exhausted to do the things you want to do? Do you ever dream of having more time to pursue your hobby? To spend time with friends and loved ones? Do you ever wish you had more time to contribute to other people’s life while in reality you struggle to contribute something enriching to your own life?

And is your schedule so incredibly filled that when you do have a moment for yourself you don’t have the energy to do the things you would like to?

Are you ever afraid that if you don’t make a change soon and radically you will reach the end of your own time having had no time?

Do you ever get the feeling that having the time to achieve your material needs is always in conflict with having time to do the really enjoyable things in life? Or are you interested in achieving more in your work or personal life by investing less time? How would it feel to eventually have more time in your hands?

At Creator of Change we can give you the tools you need to effectively manage your life (which is what true Time Management is about). Let’s get started so you can have time for what is truly most important in your life.

We’ll help you

  • Discover what is the greatest obstacle to have a truly effective schedule. (That in itself will be an eye-opener)
  • Get the tools to not only design your ideal schedule but help you have the conviction to uphold and sustain it until your ultimate objectives are achieved.
  • Learn how to re-design a new schedule once your goals are reached and how to generate the self-control to stick to it.

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“It is said 'If we always do the same we will always have the same the result'. To get results we need to change our approach. I am thankful for Tony's direction to professionally assist me to add the key to time management. Tony created change by belief in me as the student. With patience and discipline Tony assisted break down ingrained habits to cause a pattern for continual improvement. This coaching is personally adapted for each one to bring the best results. Well Done. ” - Tyrone G (Litigation Support Clerk)

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