1. What makes coaching so different from therapy?
Understanding your past is important and can be a useful tool in moving forward. However, a lot of people are not interested in delving deeply into the past so as to understand the why and whereforth of events. Yet, they are very interested and committed to obtaining results in their lives now. Coaching can help achieve that outcome without investing prolongued periods of time, perhaps even years so as to understand the past. If you’re more interested in fixing your present and achieving your future, coaching is most likely a good fit for you.

2. How long a service should I sign up for? I don’t want to pay for one year when six months would have been enough.
Good question! Testimonials are an important part of our website. Every happy customer can ultimately be an excellent point of referral for further business. Therefore we are not interested in unnecesarily stretching your Coaching relationship with us because ultimately that would reflect negatively on Creator of Change. Once you provide your information to us on the initial questionnaire we will tell you how long we feel you may need to achieve your desired outcome. If it’s six months we will not suggest a twelve months’ contract. The sooner you start seeing changes the more likely you are to continue applying the tools we give you and continue to create more outstanding changes in your life. That will result in a very favourable testimonial—which is a big plus for us. By the same token, we will not deceive our customers saying that a “three-month coaching contract” will achieve what we know from experience is likely to take six-months. For example, Mr “Bob Smith” requests help in the Health & Energy category. He has been obese for many years and admits to having tried various diets/regimes/programs and so on, so as to lose weight permanently. Could we help Bob lose weight in three months? Most probably yes. But to do that so that a few months later Bob can go back to being overweight would not be a true achievement for him or for Creator of Change. It will most probably take longer to ingrain new habits and patterns of thinking for life so that Bob can carry these tools away and choose to use them every-time he’s confronted with pressure or the temptation to eat unhealthy foods. So using Bob as an example we might suggest a six month program initially. Of course, clients are ultimately free to choose the program they want, whether it’s a three-month, six-month or twelve-month program, all of which carry a 30-day money back guarantee.  For those just curious to try something new there is the introductory, casual, one-month, no-contract coaching service.

3. Your contract speaks of “agreed outcomes”. How are those decided?
For example, on her initial questionnaire Leanne expressed as her “ultimate desired goal” that she would like to be financially independent. After the first session we can see that to achieve that ultimate goal Leanne needs to complete some schooling/training in her desired field, however she realizes that with her current schedule she is unable to complete that and work full time. So… her agreed outcomes may be something like: 
1. Reduce one of two major debts within six months
2. Start working four days a week instead of five in six-months time
3. Enrol in desired course to start by x date”
Basically, the agreed outcomes are a combination of some of the major steps that must be taken and completed so as to achieve a goal and the result for that step. The specific steps for each would be part of the coaching process.
On other occasions the agreed outcomes may be a specific goal which is part of a bigger goal. For example, Abdul has the “ultimate desired goal” of running in the 100 metre-sprint in the Olympics, so one of his agreed outcomes may be to achieve a specific timing on that run within 3 months. Or for someone else, further away from that goal, one of the first agreed outcomes may be to lose 20lb, etc.
Regardless of the “ultimate desired goal” the agreed outcomes will depend on
1. The term of coaching contract and
2. The customer’s choice out of a selection of required outcomes needed to achieve the “ultimate desired goal”

4. What if I get sick going on a diet or making changes to my eating habits so as to achieve my desired outcomes in the Health Energy area?
Our coaching techniques are based on what has worked for many people from their own subjective point of view or as they have told it in relevant sources. We understand that every person’s body is different from others which is why we encourage people in our disclaimer to check with their health care provider before embarking on any change of diet/lifestyle. Life Coaches at ‘Creator of Change’ are not, nor do they claim to be, Medical Professionals.

5. If I follow 60% of the homework assigned can I expect to achieve 60% of the promised results in any given area of coaching?
Excellent question. The answer is a very specific NO! Coaching will introduce you to a whole new world of synergy. Five people together may be able to push a 15-ton truck but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each of them will be able to individually push 3 tons. The parts work together to achieve a higher result. When tasks are assigned, the coachee commits to fulfilling ALL of the assignments. Doing so will produce the expected outcome, and as the coachee experiences this in his own life his motivation to continue doing “what it takes” will be strengthened. So, there are no short-cuts. It’s the whole package. And customers are expected to hold their end of the deal so as to achieve the agreed outcomes.

6. I know of someone who paid for six-months coaching and didn’t achieve her desired outcomes. What do you have to say about that?
Creator of Change is committed to obtaining results. It is the cornerstone of our entire business. In defence of other well-reputed Life Coaching companies it would be worth mentioning that a key question is not whether a person has “paid” for six months coaching but rather, did they apply all of the coaching tools for the entire six months? Did they only do 60% of the homework assigned? Or did they do 100% of the homework assigned but only through 60% of the time? Harry was encouraged by his friend Larry to join the gym so as to lose 80lb of excess fat. He joined and complained that six month later he had seen no results. The problem was... Harry joined the gym. But he never attended. Get the point?
Living in the “instant-coffee” generation means that we want results not just fast but “at the click of a mouse”. Achieving results in any area of life requires consistent, sustained effort. But because of the tendency to want “short-cuts” a person may be tempted to miss out on doing some of the assigned tasks hoping that ‘the Coach won’t notice’. Again, here, the issue is not if the Coach will notice. The point is that you will only get the planned result if you commit to doing all of the agreed tasks through the process, for all of the agreed period. If that is done, then Creator of Change can definitely guarantee results. Being transparent from the start as to what have been the major challenges in achieving one’s dreams in the past, will help pave the way for a realistic goal to be achieved in a realistic time-frame.

7. Why does coaching cost more than therapy? Coaches ultimately spend a smaller amount of time talking directly with the clients each month.
A Life Coach is not interested in perpetuating the Coach-Coachee relationship. We are not interested in creating a dependance-relationship where clients will feel that they cannot achieve their ongoing dreams unless they have us by their side all the time. While that may prove monetarily rewarding for our company it would reflect negatively on our true mission. Granted, people have at times come back because they were so happy with a specific result in their life that they wanted tools to achieve the next dream. But the tools they received for the specific area of life for which they originally contacted us; those tools are theirs to keep for life. They can re-create change whenever they want and whenever they need to in that zone. Depending on how old a person is when they first approach coaching that could mean having tools available to them for the next 40, 50 or 80 years! For the rest of their life! 
It is that level of applied knowledge that the person is paying for. Knowledge that works. Proven tools that work. And such knowledge and tools will be delivered to their inbox. The coachee is not just paying for the total 120 minutes “talk time” per month with the Life Coach. They are paying to
1) Achieve a specific goal/change
2) Have the tools to replicate that result long after the Coach is gone
That is why it’s important to establish clearly how much coaching is required to achieve the desired outcome, from the beginning. Let's say Lydia is told she requires six months. She agrees to have three months. At the end of three months she likes the result so much she wishes to sign up for another three. Lydia will ultimately be spending more in that way, than if she had originally contracted for the required amount. The longer the coaching contract goes for, the cheaper the rate would come out to per month.

8. I have had therapy, medication, psychiatrists and community support to help me solve my issues and achieve my goals for the last 20 years. Nothing has worked! I don’t want to spend more money on something if it’s not going to achieve results!
And if we can’t achieve those results we will tell you upfront as to why we cannot take on your clientele and even suggest potential opportunities for change that may be better suited to your needs. Ultimately Creator of Change will only take on customers when it feels it can guarantee the required change. We have a 30-day money back guarantee because we know that people have to start seeing results within the first 30 days. So don’t make a defeatist assumption about yourself that you “cannot be helped”. Many people who felt they had failed before have been pleasantly rewarded with the feeling of achievement that comes from reaching their goals. And we are confident we can help you succeed in achieving yours. So look ahead and start climbing that mountain. Even Mt Everest is reached one step at a time.

9. I signed up for a twelve month contract and I can see I have achieved results even in the first six months, but I am spending a lot of time doing the assigned tasks and filling in the reports. I’m feeling that I should perhaps drop out. Can I get my money back for the remaining unused coaching time?
No. Once you sign-up for a specific period both you and your coach have committed to work together toward the final agreed outcomes. We don’t do half jobs. Achieving results requires a commitment of resources much greater than money… that is, your time and your energy. However the end-result will not only be worth it for your sense of achievement but it will give you “practice” in enduring to achieve in other areas of life. 
Occasionally we come across a real “high-achiever”. Someone who is so incredibly driven and motivated that they will literally do triple the amount of homework assigned. They will go berzerk obsessing with accelerating their personal growth and achieving their goals. If that is the case we would have recommended a shorter time frame initially. What IS POSSIBLE is to assign remaining time credits to achieve goals in another category of life.
For example Celeste signed up for twelve months with the goal under the Health Energy banner of getting into peak physical shape (within three years she wants to climb Mt Everest). After six months Celeste realizes that she is further ahead than where she originally thought she would be. After consulting with her coach both agree to use the remaining six months to work on a Conflict Resolution goal. Celeste has neglected some important relationships in her life and now feels keen to restoring those relationships and achieving peace at a higher level. So, her credit is then transferred to another plan whether with the same Life Coach or another but under a different category and different agreed outcomes.

10. Having read a lot of self-help books in the past I am fully aware that creating change in my life will require a longer time-investment. However I am very frightenend to commit to any long-term project as I do not really know what the future holds for me. What do you suggest?
If you purchase a “Per-month Casual Coaching” service you are not obliged in any way to continue past your 30-days. Some people are happy to pay a slightly higher rate for the freedom of deciding just how long and when they will get coaching. Some clients may actually choose to purchase the casual service three months in a row and while they realize that they could have saved some money by signing up for a three-month contract upfront, they are happier to remain uncommitted. If that is your situation because of a busy, unpredictable work schedule, then casual coaching may be the thing for you. If instead the case is that you suffer from commitment-phobia … we can help you with that under our Emotional Mastery category :)

11. Isn’t it just better for me to read a few self-help books and try to achieve what I want on my own?
But haven’t you already tried that? Did it get you the results you wanted? For some people that may be a totally viable option. For others that would mean a tremendous amount of wasted time (which also equates to money). People usually start doing something about changing when not changing has become painful enough. Having a Coach by your side to hold you accountable and to encourage you and inspire you in very positive ways to discover what you are able to achieve is often described by people as “a truly amazing experience”—not just for the initial outcome achieved, but for the awareness that they have this gift… for life. We know of someone who navigated his way around Prague without a word of Czech and I also know someone who takes a turn on the wrong street in his own suburb and is totally lost for hours. Some people like the comfort of knowing someone has the exact map of where they are and where they’re going and that the person can guide them along the safest shortest way. Others don’t mind getting lost along the way. It comes down to resources of time and energy. How quickly do you want to achieve your dream?

12. There’s too much to change in my life: I am stuck in a routine job, have suffered from obesity and really struggle controlling my anger. I just don’t know where to start. I don’t want to spend a fortune just to get results in one area of my life. What do you guys offer?
After receiving your original questionnaire filled in we will have a pretty good idea of where you are at and where you’d like to head. Unless the client wants it otherwise we will guide a client in the direction of “the law of higher returns”. In other words, “Which single change will create the most positive benefits in the shortest period of time?” The reason for that is that achieving breeds more achieving. If a person can see results in one area of life they are more likely to be inspired to want to take on other challenges. We’ll get you the best package possible to help you start living your very own fulfilled life ASAP.

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