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visa han quocBoasting a rich history of development and culture, Manchester is an exuberant place to visit, with an important musical history and thriving LGBT community. Whilst it may appear to lack the draw and appeal of large cities, such as London or Brighton, not only does Manchester offer a beautiful landscape, there are a number of things to see and do.

These attractions have helped to make the City of Manchester an ideal location for company headquarters, as the attractions give workers something to do in the city. In fact listed below are some of the main hotspots, created with the help of

1. An art gallery, for example, the Whitworth: Completely free to enter, this gallery contains approximately 55,000 items in its collection, as well as an array of unique and unusual exhibits. About a year ago, My reason for the visit to this gallery was to view an exhibit called 'Kinderzimmer', designed by Gregor Schneider, which was a massive space that had no lighting whatsoever, except for a poorly-lit small room at the other end, containing nothing but an old mattress that looked used. An interesting exhibit, though undeniably weird.

2. For museum-lovers, the Manchester Museum: Run by the Manchester University, it will not cost you anything to gain entrance and was recently publicly voted as one of the UK's most popular university museums. Containing approximately six million items such as animal skeletons, live animals within a vivarium, dinosaur bones and an array of items from different periods. Fantastic, interesting and free!

3. The Manchester Academy: If you listen to a lot of new and upcoming bands, then Manchester Academy is the place to go. The music scene has played a vital role in making Manchester become the cultural epicentre and the presence of the Manchester Academy reinforces this strongly. With upcoming gigs by Alexisonfire, Eels and Ash, this venue always produces an invigorating atmosphere.

4. Shopping centres, such as the Trafford Centre: Attracting shoppers from around visa han quoc the world, the Trafford Centre has provided a major draw of people to the wide array of stores inside. This centre is perfect for the average worker, working in an office in Manchester, according to staff. Boasting a wide range of premium stores (and smaller outlets), this is shopping heaven!

5. Lush landscapes: Whilst Manchester might normally be thought of as a very industrial city, it has a large amount of fantastic greenery and some outstanding parks. Heaton Park in particular is an amazing attraction, with attractions such as playgrounds and a popular animal centre, this is a great place to unwind and take in some fresh air. With a bit of walking, you can also find a number of other parks, some of which offer fantastic facilities for sports.

Even though it can be even better exploring Manchester yourself and discovering things that you will really enjoy, these factors can help you to have a fantastic day out.
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