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Additional Advantages Of the LJO Procedure

-No visible scarring

-Only takes about quarter-hour doing both eyebrows

-Can be properly used along with other surgeries that are cosmetic

-Can be done with upper eyelid surgery to optimal anti-aging outcomes.To be aware of review on brow lift wv and check out this video brow lift west virginia, visit the site review on brow lift west virginia (Highly recommended Web-site).
Traditional Brow Lifts

In a traditional procedure, an incision is manufactured out of ear to ear just slightly behind the hairline. The sagging epidermis regarding the forehead will be pulled taut, the extra fat cells and tissue eliminated, and the skin is reattached in its new place.

Another kind of traditional brow lift is less invasive and involves the application of an endoscope and instruments that are tiny much smaller incisions over the hairline. The muscle tissue beneath the epidermis therefore the skin itself are tightened plus the eyebrows repositioned during the procedure and also the incisions stitched closed.

Scarring can be an anticipated part of the traditional brow lift, nonetheless it will likely be mostly concealed within the hairline if done properly. Unfortuitously, numerous conventional brow lifts leave the patient by having a perpetual astonished appearance as the epidermis is taken too tight or the eyebrows are not placed properly.

After the surgery, your skin regarding the forehead is smooth and without any lines and wrinkles. Regrettably, this process does little to address the sagging of the outer brow, which continues to give an adult look even after the procedure. Even though the individual opts to undergo upper eyelid surgery in conjunction with a traditional surgery, neither adequately addresses the external brow sag.

LJO Brow Lift

The exact location of the sagging is pinpointed and the correction is made there during a LJO Brow Lift. In place of lifting the entire forehead skin to increase sagging brows, this process lifts just the end of this eyebrow, making all of those other forehead in its initial position. The effect is just a more youthful, more natural appearance and patients are in less danger for the permanent "deer in the headlights" take care of the task.
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